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Tala Tortenuntersetzer quadratisch 30.5x30.5x1.2 cm 10A22212

Tala Tortenuntersetzer quadratisch 30.5x30.5x1.2 cm

Tala Kuchenbox pink/weiss gestreift 30 cm 10B01482

Tala Kuchenbox pink/weiss gestreift 30 cm

Tala Tortenuntersetzer quadratisch 35.6x35.6x1.2 cm

Tala is one of Britain's oldest and best loved kitchenware brands, trusted by cooks all over the world since 1899. We have a rich history of manufacturing kitchen, home and utility wares.
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Tala have been manufacturing in England since 1899 and today many of our iconic products are still made by hand in England, by small teams of skilled people. We continue to strive to develop invaluable kitchen tools for beauty and efficiency. To buy Tala is to buy something underscored by generations of trust. It is a brand that has developed to meet the needs and wants of all homes to give the best quality in every product. Building on its rich history, Tala has been able to expand into Tala Originals, Tala Utility and Tala Everyday. Tala Originals contains all of the specially crafted, unique items that Tala are well known for. Each Item is beautifully made to be both practical and decorative for every kitchen at the heart of the home. Tala Utility is the superior quality cleaning and homekeeping range of products, made from natural and traditional materials. All of these have been specially made in Britain or Europe. And of course Tala Everyday is a complete range of items for all icing, baking and food preparation needs.
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Breite 35.6 cm
Material Kunststoff
EAN Code 5012904222148
Höhe 1.2 cm
Länge 35.6 cm
Herstellerartikelnr. 10A22214
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